Monday, 26 March 2012


I Feel Like I'm Going To Die

Panic attacks and fights like a viral infection
Red-lighting  my mind's  neural intersection
Can you hear that high-pitched vocal inflection?
It's just me internally, screaming for a re-election :

Because clearly the authority within in my mind right now
Is an entity with as much sense as the common cow
Even after every noble self made promise and vow
My actions remain free-willed and refusing to bow

To what I'm well aware is for the good and best
It's like being in Iraq and Ebay-ing your bullet-proof vest
Just for a lol and to experience the zest
Of being examined upon life, and failing the test

While we're on this topic, guess what's tomorrow?
My modern history assessment! What joy! (read:sorrow)
All the study I've been doing my mind will now borrow
LOL JOKES in procrastination I've been far too thorough

Because what have I been doing while letting my education lag?
I've been scrolling down pages of useless 9gag.

I'm not even joking guys, I haven't been this doom-ridden since the last Harry Potter novel came out and I realised I would have to change the reason behind my life. I know I'm going to fail. You know how I know that? Becasue I know that I know that I know nothing.
And that may lead you to believe that I know something, ANYTHING.

But I really don't.

Aware of my own stupidity, I write ridiculous poetry and watch the minutes tick on past, all while berrating myself. It reminds me of what Einstein said, something like "Insanity is doing the same thing a thousand times over and expecting different results."
If we're going to go by that definition, you know, by one of the greatest minds of our time.....

Then I am the definition of insane.

okaybye and good luck to all you studiers. screw you all. xx

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