Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Hot little hands and a stone-cold heart
Splicing and shredding this construct apart
Love can’t win when it’s not in play
How can it sing when it does’nt have a say?
It whispers in cracks of dark mind-gloom
A box in an empty corner of the room
That we once lived in, this castle of ours
Built from forever gazing up (see those stars xx)
Brick by shtick and stones on loan
Every day was a bill to repay
But you forgot to mention that chivalry is dead
And i had to pick up the tab instead
Sharing is caring and you stole me away
Didn’t leave me any part of myself, except the part that could hurt.

But if a girl can't write emo break-up prose then I simply do not comprehend the world I live in, nor do I wish to. I'm sorry it's been a while my pets, shit's been cray and living must be done before I can write my random-ness down. Living includes maths assesments. As in the one tomorrow. As in the one I have studied really hard for AND IF I DON'T PASS THEN I AM DROPPING OUT TO GO BE A POLE DANCER BECAUSE THAT'S ALL IM GOOD FOR CLEARLY. kbye xx

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