Sunday, 25 March 2012

"Mr. Potter : our new celebrity."

Hello again.

YES, I KNOW. I'M SHOCKED TOO. I updated again within two weeks! Goodness me, it's almost like I'm reliable. Almost. Not quite. ANWAYS :

I'm hoisting my eternal love for all things Harry Potter related upon you only because I am a lazy idiot who is too lazy to work and then wonders why I don't do well in assessments. Yes, assessments. You know, the ones in about 48 hours? Yeah, those. Have I studied I hear you question?

HA. Oh you guys.

I wrote this instead! A far more worthy use of time I would wager. Now if only I can find a way of relating this into modern history  - maybe Emmeline Pankhurst loved sorcery? - I'll be set.

Mr. Potter

Famed for his scar and quick flight on a broom,
Everyone stares when he enters the room.

He’s young and angsty, his past full of trouble,
His future guided by Dumbledore and Mcgonnigal.

His best friend’s Ron (who owns an evil rat),
His sidekick’s Hermione (the nerd with the cat).

But he’s also got friends like Hagrid and Dobby,
Who benevolently supress his rule breaking hobby

He’s battled huge snakes with venom dripping fangs,
Gone one-on-one with Deatheater gangs.

He has a history of sucsessful giant maze navaigation,
Always scrapes  through every desperate situation.

He’s had friends become enemies and visa verca,
And if you really piss him off he’s sure to curse ya.

He’s quite short, I know but have you seen those eyes?
Green emeralds sparkle among the rest of those guys

His wand handling technique is experienced and bold
I’m told by Cho (slut) it’s quite something to behold

Don’t worry though – I’m well aware of all his many flaws
But frankly they seceed to the charms in his drawers

But it’s more than just that, I feel obliged to stress
We dream of having kids – but first comes  the white dress

I’m Ginny by the way, and his name is Harry
And one day, i know, he’s the boy im gonna marry.

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