Tuesday, 28 February 2012

"Raindrops keep falling on my Head" + the rest of me

I honestly don’t know why people don’t like walking in the rain. I like it. In fact, I would say it’s way more fun than your average mainstream  meander across sunlight meadows or whatnot.

 I absolutley hate it when girls freak out about walking in the rain becuase of hair/makeup/shite priorities in life. I’m sorry, but if walking in the rain is REALLY going to damage your appearance THAT MUCH...then just wear a paper bag on your head for the rest of our sakes. No, no, i jest, but the point remains that your perfectly straightened hair and Napolean Perdis face might be ruined temporarily – BUT NO ONE BUT YOU CARES. I’M SORRY THATS JUST THE TRUTH. I SAID IT. And if your boyfriend or whatever is more foccussed on your hair and makeup rather than the fact you are soaking wet, POSSIBLEY in a white tee shirt, then, yeah, both of you need to just priorities. Come on people.

That being said, seeing girls do the above, “OH MY SWEET (insert deighty of choice), MA HAIR IS RUINED, AND PEOPLE CAN SEE WHAT MY REAL FACE LOOKS LIKE. NOOOOOOOOOOO” is quite the lol. Yep. I’m a bitch. Tee hee J

ANYWAY!  I am the total opposite to the above example of modern day feminism (brrrt). I think it’s actually fun to ramble around in ze rainJ But then again I like it when plays go astray like that. It doesnt bother me if we plan to go to the gym and we end up at a cake shop instead. AND NOT JUST BECUASE OF THE CAKE INVOLVED. Although let’s be honest, it does help. But regardless, I think schedules are over-rated and are a major spontaenaity kill. THUS THE RAIN = SPONTAENAITY WIN BY THE WEATHER!

ANYWAY, should go do those important things now. Like food. And youtube. And maybe a bit of homework but I wouldn’t lie to you guys, that’s the bottom of the list, right below cleaning my room. okaybye

ps. I am aware that this post was completely boring and unnecessary. However I still wrote it, and if your reading this then you obviously read the above. SO HA! 

Who am I kidding, NO one read the above.

I'm going to stop writing now.

Wrote this last year. I’ll put some less shitty, more recent stuff up soon when I feel so inclined ;)

Rain in the city is a soul-shatter waste
Heels and buisness suits,
Heads down
In a coin-grabbing (futile) haste
Blinded to the spilling tears of Heaven.


  1. LE OMG. I'm not a fan of commenting randomly, but this post was pretty damn awesome.

  2. LE REALLY? Thank you my pet. It's basically just my thought process put into words but I'm glad you liked it :)