Thursday, 26 July 2012



The shuddering gears within this place, grinding and grasping
Imbedding with every moment a senseless rhythm (on and on)
Turning with the path of that ever-blowing noise, ever-gasping
Clocks shattered and thrown as playthings in an oblivion.

And I wonder for you, can you feel this mechanism within?
Is every breath for you just one more sanction passed by the heart
-          Your heart with it’s cables and connections – lacking morals or sins
A heartbeat the plodding tread of life you walked from the start

Wheeling in a fathom called your mind – a void I can’t comprehend
Sense and senselessness brothers in arms with their guns and roses
Cold steel nuzzling soft petals i see : it’s almost sensual as it ends
Only when you close your eyes can I see the list of poses

And I wonder for you, can you feel this confusion inside?
Is every thought just another plot or plan to scheme and wile
You never know whether to raise your fists or hide
Is it murder or love in the teeth of that smile...

Unfurling your fingers from within their tense clench
That once shielded the vunerablities I heard you ignore
Well look at all that’s remained of your strength :
The dust of something beautiful departed.

And I wonder for you, can you comprehend what you’ve lost?
Is it the loss of that secret place you cry about or laugh over
Delirious in a joy of all that you succeeded in killing
Dead in every sense but what you would sanction as definition.

I should hope that one day you awake from this stupor
And see the world for the striking heartbreak that it is
I would rather your heart open in pain and spill out
Than for your heart to become nothing at all. 

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